Compulsive Shoppers

Compulsive shopping occurs when there is a compulsive need to shop for items that sometimes are unpractical and do so in an addictive way. Items are purchased merely for the sake of buying and realistically, they have little or no realistic use. Over the years, it becomes expensive, time consuming, and a difficult habit to overcome; especially when the house is filled with unnecessary possessions that rarely gets put to use.

In some instances, people divert from their problems through shopping and shop to escape from depression and reality. Scientific findings have shown that there is a similarity between shopping and drug addictions, hence the term "shopping therapy". Some with the condition buy items that they assume they will one day use, make purchases solely because they are cheap, and even get things waiting for a gifting occasion.

ClutterSimilar to Compulsive Collectors, items of compulsive shoppers begin accumulating and the items that were acquired begin piling up and consuming ones home and life. Compulsive shoppers also stock up on freebies and other free giveaways that never get used and begin accumulating. Compulsive shopping isn't always necessarily on items that are inexpensive, free, or saved for later use. There are those who have a tendency of binge shopping on expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry  and designer brand items. Others tend to purchase the same item in every color, or even twice, but eventually leave it to compile with the rest of the items they purchase. Both debt and piles of items build up, and the thought spring cleaning or organization is dreadful. In the mind of the compulsive shopper, each of their possessions will serve a purpose when realistically, they have been untouched and accumulating for years.

Our method includes sorting through the belongings in overstuffed wardrobe and stockpiled rooms, organizing, and determining what to keep and what to dispose. Where necessary, we will help wrap gifts and help distribute them to the recipient of choose and donate the excess undesired items. Other services include photographing the items and placing them for sale Online. We would never take decision in our hands of what to do with your personal belongings. We always ask for your permission first since our primary concern is on the needs of the client.

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